Awakening of the Gods


Was it a vision or was it a dream 
The trust of the mankind has never been real 
Gods of pleasure gods of pain 
Gods of terror of life and of hate 
Mortality is endless when gods start to pray 
Life becomes worthless by nuclear death 
The're watching from above it could happen every daywatching 
their terror and care in no way 
No one can imagine where you will be 
Where you have been before your birth you will see 
Planned and controlled is your life in every way 
Watched and controlled on every single day 
See their eyes filled with lies 
Watch the slaughter endless night 
Can make your scream can make you cry 
You know you're helpless till the end of time 
Awakening of the gods 
Burning ambitions your lusts and your wills 
Your plans of life goals and your thrills 
Days of laughter days of crime your living to your fate on foretold time 
Nothin' has worth nothing is real nothing is important no way you 
Feel this can't be the only life it could begin when you die 
See their eyes... 
Manipulated by human feelings 
You're passing through this life searching for the meaning of all 
But that's something you will never find 
Accept all what happens to you 
Be prepared for torture and pain you know there ain't nothing 
You can do only death will close the reign 
You've seen the good sides but you've also seen the bad 
Damned to mortality damned is your life for death 
Created for a mystery why is this your fate 
Only the future will show 
Or maybe you will never know
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