Bringer of Torture


girl so sweet and once so innocent 
your life is so brutal, true emotions suppressed 
you scream but he won't hear a word till he's had his way 
victim of the cruelest kind of love 
against his urges there is no defence 
the one who gave you life stole your innocence 
you want to be free at any cost 
but you're chained by the shame 
and everything seems to be lost 
bringer of torture 
you're not afraid of dying 
nothing could be worse than this life 
you're terrified of the pain 
the pain that returns with the night 
bringer of torture 
insanity and terror, hand in hand 
till childhood dreams come to an end 
this situation, so vile and insane will never be over 
he's coming back again, again and again
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