Coma of Souls


masters of war 
merchants of false peace 
bleeding the lives of the lost 
feeding the terminal disease 
breaking the rules 
no matter who gets hurt 
wholesaling useless trash 
charging twice what it's worth 
freedom of thought a mirage 
the coma is endless and deep 
feeling so wordly and wise 
fooled by the friends that we keep 
spirits on ice 
they'll never be free 
one dimensional lives 
will the coma of souls outlife eternity 
children are pawns 
for generals to play with and kill 
mercy will never be found 
where mayhem is donw for the thrill 
righteous crusades 
murder to honor a god? 
no one is saved 
dead bodies shrivel and rot 
deep in the unconscious mind 
lies the oldest wisdom 
buried by centuries 
of war and inquisition 
truth is raped and crucified 
by men with savage brains 
and greed flows forth in endless wave 
from fools to wretched slaves
© Русскоязычный фан-сайт группы Kreator.
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