Extreme Aggression


Extreme aggression 
From an extremely insane mind 
Resting unconscious 
Pushed up by white lines 
Inhuman violence 
I never thought it would come this far 
Sadistic intensions 
My greed for blood is growing more 
And more 
Extreme aggressions 
Seeing you suffer bring pleasure to me 
Extreme aggressions 
My aggressions became to extreme to be 
Kept under control 
From the darkest part of my brain 
I still can't believe it 
I'm really insane 
I heard you pleading 
But no one hears the screams 
Of this soul of mine 
Society, what have you done to me 
Society, bring you to your knees 
Once before I die 
Now that I have lost the will to live 
Once before I die 
I'll take revenge on 
Those who's led me to 
Extreme aggressions 
My emotions, twisted by your lies 
Extreme aggressions 
Condemned my soul to hell for all time
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