Future King


all seen before it goes 
on forever more
this time your truth just offers nothing now
walking down the empty streets of never-ending tragedy
nothing here can touch my heart this loneliness tears me apart
beneath the dark ocean
prepare the gathering
pray for the saviour's coming
a glorious future king
burning in 1999
drowning in '99
all felt before fake people come and go
get high headrush into this mental crush
drug messiah make warm your promises won't do no harm
trapped here with this dying race
your touch my only saving grace
beyond the dark horizon
i hear the siren's song
in traumatic devotions
of what the future brings
burning in 1999
drowning in '99
with the taste of bitter freedom i'm sinking in your world
i know deep inside your weeping about life absurd
silently your soul is screaming a dream that won't be heard
no light no sound this world goes round and round
you rise you drown this world goes round and round
burning in 1999
drowning in '99
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