Leave This World Behind


the outside 
world is cold as ice 
deep inside you're burning 
you're raging as you live your life 
this can't be all this is a lie 
so take my hand 
this pain must end 
into the sky if you believe we'll fly 
come on let's leave this world behind 
a prescious gift you once forgot 
is awakening this moment 
if you believe it becomes real 
this energy they could not kill 
it gets so strong 
we'll melt to one 
just spread your wings 
let loose and fly with me 
come on let's leave this world behind 
this misery must fade away 
for us to see a better day 
if that's all there is to choose 
let it loose right now
© Русскоязычный фан-сайт группы Kreator.
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