Love us or Hate us


Don't try to tell us 
What is right for us 
We don't give a fuck anyway 
Don't try to steal 
Imagination from us 
Things we believe 
We will never betray 
Those who has the power to 
Suck us dry - throw us away 
Those who never could create 
Destroy the music of today 
Those devoid of any feeling 
Those who make the compromise 
Betray themselves to make a deal 
Sell their soul at any price 
Sounds without feeling, 
Energy of agressions 
From money hungry brains 
And not from the heart 
Fortune, fame and glory 
Are their obssessions 
Salesman, deaf to music 
Blind to art 
No honesty, just sterility 
A cautious sound they make 
Without creativity 
It's still the same 
As another age 
When they took the words 
Of truth and put them 
To a flame 
No more 
Love us or hate us 
No more 
Love us or hate us 
Some have eyes 
And still can't see 
Their plastic noise is 
Anything but music to me 
Mechanized and computerized 
Switch off your brain and 
Make sounds that dehumanize 
Don't try to take our dreams 
Away from us 
We will never be like you 
Love us or hate us 
It doesn't matter to me 
We don't want to be a part 
Of this sick society 
Those who have a passion to 
Will never change our way of life 
We may not think the way you do 
But we know that we are right 
Those who want to form a world 
Of friends and monotony 
Have to do it without us 
Cause we always be free
© Русскоязычный фан-сайт группы Kreator.
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