Servant in Heaven - King in Hell


Some may struggle and some may fall 
One only follows, another one leads 
And while some only endure constant slavery 
Others satisfy their never ending greed 
Some born to win, some born to loose 
What fate may come, only time can tell 
Better to live in sin than nothing else to choose 
Servant In Heaven, King In Hell 
Some may give and some may take 
One only suffers others celebrate 
And while some know that their time will never come 
Others realise that it�s never ever too late 
Some see the dark, some see the light 
What's in your view only time can tell 
Better to taste the fire than swallowed by the night 
Servant In Heaven, King In Hell 
Some are cast aside as anger blinds the mind 
Baptised in flames to lead again 
To see them take it all a tearing of the heart 
A thousand reasons for your hate
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