Some Pain Will Last


Intence devastation of nature 
Constructing a future for a man 
The world is sold dirt cheap 
For promises no one can ever keep 
There is no hope , just decay 
Creation leads only to chaos 
The very first years of your life 
Mother makes things right 
But soon you just cannot deny 
This is only a lie 
We live in a world of 
Hate and deceit, 
Corruption and greed 
Just wait my friend, you will see 
Misery's coming your way, horror 
And pain reserved for you 
Some pain will last, last forever 
Etrnal slaves of morbid minds 
Helpless and blind 
Dealers of heartless opression 
Controlling mankind 
Resistence is quelled, it's birth 
Incomplete, nochance to succeed 
And those, those who don't care 
If you live or die 
Are nver around to shoulder the blame 
Time, time flies fast you will feel 
Still a child tomorrow you'll be 
A man full of hopes and dreams 
Dreams are destroyed easily 
Prepare, prepare for some pain 
Planned and arranged for so long 
Chemical mutants arise 
A genrations born just to die 
Born just to die, whole generation 
Born just to die!
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