Twisted Urges


morbid dreams 
of those who never have time to sleep 
enduring to extremes 
held by a promise that they won't keep 
dark silence is so real 
walls painted black as night 
locked up in chains of steel 
down in the cellar nothing is right 
mistress of perversity 
unwilling tool of others lust 
witnessing abnormality 
with no one left to trust 
hell couldn't be this bad 
sold by her father to gratify 
she never hand a chance 
raped, beaten, sodomized 
her martyred soul cries out 
yet no one hears her scream 
her world is fear and doubt 
she's a prisoner of this groteque scene 
mistress of perversity 
she never had a chance 
raped, beaten, sodomized 
twisted urges drove her to the end
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